*Please note that you have to turn each dial a full rotation to reset the code.

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To change the Knoll combination lock code, please follow the instructions below.

  1. Rotate the lock knob 90 degrees clockwise


2. Rotate the 4 numeric dials to the desired combination. Write the new code down.


3. Rotate the knob another 90 degrees clockwise to lock the cabinet

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Free delivery is included in the price. However, our drivers can only deliver up to your lift level doorstep.

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All our new items are in their original boxes. Hence, we won’t be able to open the boxes for you to view. However, the used or almost new items are available for viewing. Please email us to arrange an appointment to view the items.

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Our warehouse is located at 51 Penjuru Road, Freight Links Express Logistics Centre, Singapore 609143.

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